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Invisalign specialist dentist in Sydney

Who said feeling Invisible is a bad thing? Definitely not Invisalign…

Interested in aligned teeth? Invisalign may be the answer! Dr Corbin Barry and the team are here to help get your teeth into line and keep you smiling!

Invisalign Dentist in Sydney

Invisalign FAQs...

So, what is this Invisalign that you always hear about? We know the brand, but what actually is it?

Invisalign is a concept where you wear clear aligners, that are nearly invisible, day and night to move teeth from their original crooked state to one that is aligned. You will receive a full set of aligners, with each being worn for 1-2 weeks continuously until the teeth are in their desired position.

We don’t like being the same as everyone else, and neither does Invisalign, that’s why each aligner is specific and customised to your teeth allowing you to reach your final goal.

So, what’s so good about Invisalign?

  • Removable
  • Comfortable
  • Clear – barely visible
  • Customised to your specific goals
  • Proven success with millions of cases completed

How do these clear aligners actually move your teeth?

While there is a lot of science behind the way teeth move, the simple answer is that basically each aligner places slight pressure on your teeth which, when worn continuously, moves the teeth into their desired position. Gradual consistent pressure equals tooth movement!

So, can we talk money?

We understand that dental costs can be extremely daunting so we’ve decided to help out as much as we can. Money shouldn’t be the determining factor as to whether you feel confident and comfortable with your smile!

Basically, we attempt to break up the costs of Invisalign into repayments that occur when you have your appointments. We also have a great affiliation with ZIP Money who can help with dental finance and more importantly, can provide interest free options.

The cost can vary depending on the length of treatment and how many aligners are needed to move your teeth, but a free consultation with Dr Corbin Barry will help determine how Invisalign can help you smile with confidence as well as give you an understanding about specific costs and dental codes for treatment. Ball park figures – costs range from $3000 – $9000 and can be claimed under private health insurance.

How do I get the ball rolling?

After your initial consultation, an appointment will be made where we collect records that assist in creating your custom Invisalign treatment plan. We want to include you in the process to make sure you’re smiling from ear to ear with your new straight teeth!

Appointment 1

As part of this first appointment we complete our new patient package as well as take a range of photos. We use our iTero 3D digital scanner to digitally scan all of your teeth, this avoids the dreaded gooey impressions! This scan is submitted directly to Invisalign and we’ll also be able to show you a before and after result immediately at the appointment!

Appointment 2

After a few days we should have a digital 3D mock-up of how your teeth will move, how many aligners are needed and a more accurate cost breakdown. We work with leading technicians and specialists to create a plan of action that suits you and your final goal. We’ll discuss this scan with you and then you’ll have the final say before we approve the plan and begin your Invisalign journey.

Appointment 3

Time to get started! Your Invisalign aligners have arrived and now it’s the exciting part… It’s time to start wearing the aligners and watching your teeth move. It’s optimal to wear your aligners 22 hours a day as this allows for successful movement. Basically, you just remove when you’re eating and drinking anything besides water. We’ll also have the pleasure of having you pop back in to see us every now and then so you can complete adjustments, track your progress and ensure you’re on the right track.

But is it really worth it? Won’t my teeth just move back?

Oh, it’s definitely worth it! The answer of your teeth moving back is yes and no… Once you’ve finished any type of orthodontic treatment (fixed braces or Invisalign) you need to keep those teeth in line, literally… We do this by one of two ways – a clear retainer that you wear every night, or a fixed wire that is stuck on the inside of your front six teeth, both additional costs. Millions of people have one or the other! Both options ensure that your teeth remain straight for the long term. The biggest take home message – to keep your teeth in line, you need retention for life.

I’ve lived a good life, but am I too old?

Oh please, age is but a number! Your age doesn’t determine whether or not you can complete Invisalign treatment. We’ve had patients of all ages opt for Invisalign and all have had great success in aligning their teeth.

Why choose our team?

The answer is why not? If you want a dentist that is down to earth, friendly, honest and caring then we’re definitely the place for you. We’re a practice that tells it like it is and we’re here to help every step of the way. We create good vibes, good memories and a chilled atmosphere, it’s how we live and what we strive to achieve for every patient that joins our family. We’re definitely not squares, but we do love straight teeth.

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