Annandale Dental, your local dentist in Camperdown

Annandale Dental is dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of its community within Camperdown. Our aim is to ensure that our local Camperdown community continues to smile and laugh for another 100 years.

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Dr Corbin Barry

Principal Dentist

Our Dental Health & Care Services in Camperdown

Family Dentist in Annandale

family dentistry in Camperdown

  • exam and clean
  • children’s dentistry
  • sport mouthguards
  • dental emergency
  • geriatric dentist
Preventative Dentistry in Annandale

preventative dentistry in Camperdown

  • preventative care
  • oral cancer screening
  • halitosis treatment
  • TMJ therapy
  • deep cleaning / scaling
Restorative Dentistry in Annandale

restorative dentistry in Camperdown

  • tooth coloured fillings
  • porcelain bridges
  • root canals
  • extractions
  • dentures
Cosmetic Dentist in Annandale

cosmetic dentistry in Camperdown

  • whitening
  • porcelain crowns
  • porcelain veneers
  • clearcorrect
  • composite veneers

specialist dentistry in Camperdown

  • wisdom tooth removal
  • dental implants
  • oral pathology

our aim is what matters most - to keep you smiling. get in touch

Trusted Dental Clinic in Camperdown

Our Dentists Are Highly Skilled, Compassionate, and Committed to Serve Your Dental Needs.


Dr Corbin Barry

Principal Dentist

Dr Emanuel Wollstein


Darius Rohanian

Oral Health Therapist

Kate Moran

Oral Health Therapist


Dr Mark Atkinson

Specialist Oral Surgeon

Dr Rajiv Rajpal

Specialist Oral Surgeon

The Team


Front Office Coordinator


Dental Assistant

Our history

Est 1909

Dr P Finnigan


Dr C Mahony


Dr L Feigen


Dr K Hammond


Dr C Barry

Oath taken by the dentists of Annandale Dental

“I recognise that the practice of dentistry is a privilege, granted to me by the community. I commit myself to practising with integrity, honesty, humility and compassion.

I will assist my patients to make informed decisions that reflect their beliefs. I will treat with consent and uphold confidentiality.

I will not permit considerations of religion, race, gender, political affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation or social standing to intervene in my duty to my patient.

I dedicate myself to the compassionate service of humanity. I will oppose policies in breach of human rights and will not participate in them.

I recognise the limits of my knowledge and will act to maintain and increase my understanding and skills throughout my professional life. I will acknowledge and try to remedy my own mistakes and honestly assess and respond to those of others.

I commit myself to pass on my profession by teaching others, as those who have gone before me. I will respond in a professional way to the opinions of my colleagues.

I realise that I will be faced with challenges throughout my dental career, and I will approach the ethics of each situation individually.”

Annandale Dentist Oath

our aim is what matters most - to keep you smiling. get in touch